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Software brand launch


Together with the team of the customer (formerly BCC, today SNP Poland), we have developed the strategy, the identity and the visual style of an innovative product brand – software supporting administration in small and medium enterprises.


Key Visual

The BeeOffice system supports the life cycle and circulation of documents related to holidays, delegations, downpayments. We can say that it introduces order and makes the work of “bees” more effective. Thus the idea of a visual concept – a combination of the beehive as a symbol of hard work with the modern visual form straight from the “Minority Report” type movies.

BeeOffice Pro

The starting point of Key Visual design for the Pro segment included presentation of the organisation (understood as a business with complex structure) as a honeycomb.

BeeOffice Standard

The starting point of Key Visual design for the Standard segment included presentation of the main idea behind operation of the application – bringing ORDER to the company.

Video, Facebook

We have created a set of videos presenting how the software works, we have also designed graphics projects for use on FB (profile identification and promotional forms).