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Fortis Technology

Fuel tank manufacturer brand lifting


Our task was to provide a uniform brand group identification system with an extended matrix, related to products offering plastic tanks used to store functional fluids: fuels, oil and aqueous urea solutions (AdBlue).

We started our work with refreshing the logotype. The introduced modifications of the main brand sign allowed its legibility to be maximised in various fields.

Sub-brand architecture

Fortis offers tanks intended for storage of various liquids, with different characteristics and intended use. Different colours were used to facilitate their identification (also on the tank level). Fortis also made a strategic decision regarding its entry onto new business fields, resulting in the use of sketches showcasing production capacity of the company (tanks, home decor elements and agricultural equipment).

The KeyVisual project

The building of a unique brand style for the message recipient included development of a KeyVisual. Our KV uses a previously designed sign. The designer behind it imagined the layout of droplets on a flat surface (spilled oil, petrol). We thought this design has significant development potential. The droplets (circles) may be used as various characteristic elements, e.g. as protective areas of icons, website buttons, photo cropping areas, etc. One of the key elements included a photo shoot session, thanks to which Fortis Technology presented its production potential.

Utility material designs

Our work included design of catalogues, brochures and product price lists. The most difficult element of this work involved understanding the needs of users (agricultural wholesale stores and distributors trading Fortis products). Without excellent cooperation with the marketing and sales team of Fortis, we certainly would not be able to execute the task. We used icons in our projects, created a sign system for individual product functionalities and, of course, used the lead motiff of KeyVisual, based on the logotype.


Simple, but enchanting with their simplicity. We made them more elegant, i.e. adding a UV film on business card, where the “droplet” was exposed. When designing letter paper, visiting cards, e-mail footers or envelopes, we always remember that contrary to what it may seem, these items are extremely important media for the brand message.

Sales presentation (.ppt)

We worked with .ppt presentations, preparing utility templates. Thanks to them, the sellers were able to prepare their offers ca. 70% faster. This is a great benefit for the end customer (receiving the offer quickly) and for the employer (the sales staff efficiency increases threefold). It is idea worth considering during the identification change stage – whether the sales workforce can be supported this way.

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