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Wódki Toruńskie

Label designs for bottles of Premium alcoholic drinks


We designed several concept designs for the Premium Jan Olbracht vodka and the Noble Barell whiskey. We matched the designs of glass packagings and names selected by the client in our projects. The scope of works included comprehensive design preparation, packaging visualisation, including preparation for production.

Glass ornaments

In one of the concepts, we proposed elements of ornaments sculpted in glass, related to the style of the age of king Jan Olbracht. The figure of the king is also derived from reliefs of the age, resulting in a style underlining the noble brand history.

Noble label

Another round included a presentation of a “noble” approach to labels. Both the label in the form of a golden crown and the black matte label with embossed gold plating clearly underlines the nature of vodka from Toruń. The drawn elements of the city of Toruń in the background were supposed to related to the special position of this city in the history of Polish vodka.

Age old whiskey

When creating a new whiskey brand, we wanted to impart historical nature to it. Thus, we referred to English, Scottish and Irish styles when designing the labels. We signed our labels with signs based on heraldry elements. The font layouts also referred to old school lettering.

Our work was based on the received, example bottle and on the blanking die of the main and the additional label. We could influence the decorations and the colour selection.

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