Fresh Work Culture

A little bit about our work culture – it is essential to know with whom you will be working.


Profit for your brand – this is what guide us.

We have experience, we have team, we have awards and we like to create. But…we think, that you are looking for effective actions primarily. For that reason, before you send a question or a brief to us you should know our line of thinking.

What is important for us in every day work?

Positive thinking and prescience - for many years of our work (we ignore the numbers, to not to feel old :)) we've learned that the atmosphere, mutual support, team power and abillity to look ahead is crucial. To be effective in big projects you need to prescience. We are planning for at least 3 months forward.
- we can't imagine projects without close cooperation wiht Client. We believe that not only decision-makers (e.g. Owners or Management), but team commitement is crucial to project prosperity. Usually, the Owner doesn't decide about perceiving the company, but the Employee. In the era of coronavirus, our work is based on Skype.
Research - we are developing methodologies and we are carrying out research single-handedly. Sometimes we creates tools online to make our research efficent. We cooperate with research companies. Why? Not once, our ultimate receivers showed us that they see what we couldn't see. That's why we are apologetic and we listen to the market.
Organisation and remote work - we gave up our huge office spaces. We went on remote work and we didn't loose efficiency. Explore us and our organization.
Monday and Breeze - we are ordering all the tasks, communicating with the client, archivising resources in them.
Skype - we are using it to conduct teleconferences and workshops, discuss about the tasks and conducting daily (everyday resumes).
Fresh Google Dysk - virtual space on which we are keeping your projects. We are giving graphic files to our clients when the work is over, but we are keeping copies for 3 years. After that time, you won't recover it from us.
Accountancy - we went on remote system, therefore don't be suprised when clever BOT will call for our payment.

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