We have executed over 300 branding projects in the recent years and we still find this activity to be fun. Use our creativity and knowledge.


We are proud to be the only Polish agency to receive three awards in the most prestigious, international branding competition Rebrand Global Award. Get inspired with the most interesting projects from across the world:

What do we really do?

Branding – this is a magical word in our vocabulary, it means a thoroughly considered process of building brand signals and features in order for the brand to be successful on the market. Branding usually includes the following action types.

Brand launch

it happens, when a completely new brand is entering a market or a brand expands onto a foreign market, where it is unrecognizable. Sometimes it requires adaptation of both the language and the visual sphere of the brand to the specific nature and culture of the given market.

Brand lifting

this is the most frequent action type in the history of our projects. It may be extremely shallow (actual “lifting” of the visual sphere) or deep, when a brand changes almost everything, retaining only the old name. In the case of lifting, defining valuable elements dictated by brand history and its skillful use in the future without any damage to the brand is of key importance.

Brand rebranding

this is a very difficult process, during which a business, usually with a specific market position, decides to change its name or when a name change is forced (e.g. through an owner change). This process is usually preceded by studies determining whether it is worth and possible to use the old brand identity or if a completely new brand is created.

What do we have at our disposal?

Creative studio

We have an experienced and tireless creative team of graphic specialists, illustrators and word specialists. We work on Macs, dispersed across Poland, but... we also have two offices, in Poznań and in Warsaw.

3D Studio

We develop photorealistic visualisations of sites, products, architecture and interiors. Tailored to digital needs or supplementing photo sessions. Our projects are often of higher quality than already taken photos :) We definitely do not cry about it.

Film studio

We produce very short film forms, corporate materials and materials for websites, as well as typical TV commercials.

Photo shoot sessions/photo purchase

Together with our photographer friends, we direct photo shoot sessions and render unique scenes immortal. Some of the photographs are, of course, purchased from photo banks.

Architecture studio

We make local visits, dimensioning of sites, concept and technical projects.

What you can achieve with us?


Brand strategy


Name (domain verification, patent attorney services)


Graphical sign (logotype) and the Sign Book




Visual identification system (ephemeras, catalogues, pos)




Space marking (wholesale points, restaurants, offices)


Fleet marking


Digital branding - website, eCommerce implementation


Social branding - facebook, linkedin, instagram


Project execution for campaign needs

How much does it cost?

We decided to present you our work and tell more about it using a few selected examples:

Brand launch – start-up branding

Target customers?

Dedicated to FMCG companies/brands, start-up organisations or enterprises with limited budget.

What do we do?

We focus on creation of a creative branding, distinguishing itself among the given market segment. The scope of works is usually narrow.

How much does it cost?

12-15.000 PLN netto (a graphical sign, the basic sign book and information material for the brand, excluding website, as a standard).

Execution time:

4 weeks

Brand lifting – we upgrade, but not change

Target customers?

Intended for any business, both B2C and B2B. The key factor are the decision makers feeling the need of changes. We take care of the rest.

What do we do?

Strategic creation of a brand identity, a graphical sign and computer visual identification system (depending on the needs, space marking, fleet and digital marking may be included)

How much does it cost?

min. 30.000 PLN netto

(depending on the number of creative lines)

Execution time:

6-8 weeks

Brand rebranding – the expected change of places

Target customers?

For businesses undergoing an ownership change.

What do we do?

Brand status analysis, owner vision understanding, development of positioning scenarios and brand identity, name creation, graphical sign (logotype) creation, preparation of visual identification elements (including buildings, interiors, POS materials, digital, social media). We implement eCommerce solutions and mobile applications.

How much does it costs?

min. 50.000 PLN netto

(depending on the number of scenario lines, scope of tasks within the project, number of studies).

Execution time:

8-16 weeks

Branding work process


Starting point diagnosis

We study experiences of the brand and its current situation. If the brand has available studies performed by a third party, this is great news, if not - we perform the study ourselves. We define brand needs at this stage and specify elements, which should remain untouched.


Competitors analysis by signals from their brand

Together with the customer, we select several key competitors (sometimes the customer expects to analyse all competitors) and evaluate signals from competitive brands, and their communication levels. If we see positives, we indicate them as good practices.


Creating initial brand concept(characteristics , referential projects from market, scenarios, brand architecture)

We build several brand positioning scenarios after the lifting. We describe them, visualise initially (“helped” with reference projects, drafts) and indicate differences. The client selects 1-3 scenarios, optimally.


Creating brand identity

Each of the selected scenarios gains colours, as we develop and flesh it out. We try to find as many elements differentiating individual concepts as possible. Thus, the client receives unique positioning on the market.


Developing brand signals

At this stage, we develop a comprehensive concept for the brand, with unique positioning. Each scenario is presented with a new (or lifted) logotype, with colour palette selected depending on the lifting depth, presentation of the KeyVisual of the brand, namely a unique graphic concept and presentation of the concept using selected promotional materials.


Sign book and identification system

We transfer the concept onto a functional platform. We select the colours (CMYK, RGB, RAL, Pantone) and prepare proofs. We define all information related to the use of the graphical mark in the Book, as required for other agencies and businesses.


Packaging/ Utility materials / Space marking / Branding online

Basing on an accepted Key Visual, we prepare a set of materials tailored to the needs of the customer. FMCG products have other needs (we usually focus on the packaging, larger packs, the POS, the website and social media) than a commercial company (space marking, eCommerce, website, promo and campaign materials). We advise for and against. All depending on the needs.


Brand valuations

Intellectual property rights / patent attorney

Fair stall / interior execution

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