We have provided consulting services for over 20 years. We have already executed several hundreds of consulting projects for many sectors, from FMCG to the armament sector. We can listen, draw conclusions and anticipate.


It is true that wisdom comes with age and experience. We have learned that there are several key factors behind the success of advisory projects and without those factors, there is no point in inviting a consulting company into cooperation.


Think carefully about your expectations when it comes to work of a consulting company. Describe it as precisely, as possible. We will honestly tell you if we are able to help or not.


We believe that a project may be successful, if we build partner relations and work with our customers as a workshop. Otherwise the best we create is an advice booklet that can be put on the shelf.


The consultants do not manage a company and do not make decisions. What we bring to the table is observations, which may be missed by the decision-makers, and solutions based on our experience.

What do we do at Fresh?

Strategies for new brands and products.
We analyse markets or some areas of the markets, we help with a cold look on a new product or a new service, we show the owners a new perspective. We work with fresh companies and large, established enterprises. We help create brands attractive to the customers, prepare action plans and budgets. Cooperation with us means lower risk of your investment.

One step ahead strategies.
Solutions dedicated to companies which prosper perfectly well, but… their owners or managers feel that the growth could be more dynamic or see that growth dynamic is decreasing. Aware managers perceive such moments and know that it is worth to consider strategic assumptions, try looking for new growth directions or to think about their diversification.

Company digitisation strategies.
We consider them as both active online sales and improvements of company business by using ERP, CRM class systems, support using remote work applications (Monday type) or a transfer to cloud-based solutions. Can eCommerce be used in any kind of business? This is most likely inevitable. All that remains is finding a good timing and a method. For some companies, B2B platforms optimising and automating sales between business partners will be the ideal choice. More or less advanced eCommerce B2C platforms for others. We advise how to select the best solutions and effectively implement them.

International expansion strategies.
We base on the experience of managers, who successfully sold their products on foreign markets. We analyse the markets, recommend the market entry model to be selected, verify the portfolio and advise how to prepare products / services for entry on foreign markets. We share knowledge and help with export.

What about this design thinking?

We think this is just a fashionable trend. Kotler was the god of marketing twenty years ago, ten years ago everyone spoke about Disruption Live, Design Thinking is the top tier today. We believe that tools should be adapted to the given business type. In some businesses, Design Thinking is going to be ideal, whereas completely different methods will be successful in others.

The work process (it is slightly different for each and every enterprise and depends on the defined problems to be solved)


Analyzing trends

The strategy should be based on long-term trend observations. Otherwise, the business success is doomed to be a short-lived one. This is why we start with trend observation, to ensure recommendations are reliable in the longer term.


Analyzing situation and market potential in a macro scale

We define the market size, its current situation (whether it is in its growth stage, stagnates or its value decreases), we analyse historical data and forecasts.


Brand situation audit

We discover competences of the team, evaluate cohesion of brand signals, analyse distribution channels and the product portfolio, verify assumptions of the sales policy.


Competitors diagnosis

We divide the competitors into segments, analyse potential expansion areas, evaluate strong and weak sides of the competitors.


Decision-making process and target audience analisys

Knowledge of factors influencing purchase decisions of customers is of key importance in building an effective strategy. How does the user think? How does the purchase process look like? What does the customer evaluate when deciding on a purchase? When does the customer decide? We answer such questions, for example, during the process.


Creating results and raports

We create reports in Polish and in English. Analytical processes result in the drawn conclusions being based on market facts and not on intuition.


KPI and forecasting

Strategy objective should be ambitious, but… they should be real, first and foremost. Sometimes our advisory processes lead to real sale assumptions. This is why the company income growth is ordered and not accidental.


Action plan

We create a multidisciplinary plan of action together with the project team of the customer. This is the key part of the project - outlining the tasks, defining measures required to execute the project, defines resources required to achieve the assumed plans.



Strategy implementation should be treated as any other investment - implementation of assumptions is often related to various expenses - investments in fixed assets, team restructuring or the need to spend budgets on promotion. We help to evaluate the costs and make them more sustainable.

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