We prefer comprehensive projects, during which we can create the entire brand concept, including the packaging, but... we do not reject the option to create individual packaging, either.


Can you name the brand the outline of packaging of which we have sketched below?

This means that the packaging is a key element of brand recognition, and thus, of sale levels of products related to the brand. A few words about our work below.

What types of work do we do?

Looking for packaging trends

Some of our customers approach us and say: “... we have such and such production capacity and technological ability, what products can you recommend on that basis and basing on the current market trends?”. We analyse market trends, needs, develop concepts and designs of new products.

Packaging innovations

We create packaging innovations in strict cooperation with the customer, namely solutions characterised by unique functionality, colours, an innovative approach to the behaviour of specific packaging features.

Glass packages, PET, bottles, ECO

We provide advice and design in direct cooperation with manufacturers, according to their production capacity. We create concepts, technical drawings, help design forms.


We can tailor the label to the target group, making sure it sells. Ingenious design does not always sell, sometimes it needs some work from the ground up. We make sure information is legible and conforms to legal requirements.

Full set packaging

We design carton boxes, impulse materials, pallets, multipacks. We adapt the forms to the requirements of retail chains and the specifics of product storage. We remember about convenient fixture systems. We produce meshes for manufacturers.

Holiday and special packaging

We design unique or limited packaging series, e.g. for chocolates, alcoholic drinks, or create comprehensive ideas for special packaging. From the idea to the production.

3D Visualisations

We design 3D products together with their creators, replace the need of a photo shoot session with photorealistic 3D images, create 3D models for websites (for use in configurators and animations).

Price list

It is difficult to specify the price for a single work. The customers usually approach us with a label line or a line of products to be designed. Depending on the difficulty level, prices usually vary between 500 and 3,000 PLN net per packaging. In the case of large projects, some customers even paid up to 50,000 PLN for packaging designs.

Call us – we will be glad to talk about your needs.

Working on Packaging process(assuming typical work on packaging line)


Target audience needs analysis

Our design is different for the mainstream, for children, and yet different for demanding, wealthy freaks paying extreme attention to the form. This is why we always analyse and model the needs of our clients before the creative process begins.


Discussion the project / referential packaging / inspirations

Good briefing is the basis of successful cooperation. This is why it is a good idea to spend the time and discuss the project thoroughly. We present reference packaging and inspirations and the clients prepare a full set of materials (e.g. content for reference packagings). Help us understand your business and you will receive a unique design.


Sample projects

We usually present the concept in 2 graphical lines, using 2-3 selected variants of the packaging (e.g. flavour or scent variants). We visualise the products in their natural surroundings (e.g. a store shelf or a pharmacy window) and display it on a neutral background.


Amendment process

Our customers always knows their market best, this is why we listen to their explanations, sometimes discussing and presenting our perspective. One round of correction is usually enough and results in a selected project line.


Putting sample projects into the line

All that remains is to translate the reference designs into all products. We carefully specify the differences between individual products, what colour code should be maintained and how to expose the differentiating features of individual products. We apply all the content during this stage.


Preparing to production

Once the designs are approved by the customer, we use the technical specification sent in by the client to translate the designs into grids and prepare for production. We can also supervise the production process, if the customer expects us to do so. We take care about the correct colour representation.

View our packagings

You can discover the packagings we designed in the Portfolio tab.

Our portfolio includes projects executed both for small enterprises (e.g. phone case) and large corporations (e.g. breakfast cereal), industry (e.g. batteries) and FMCG (e.g. confectionery). CALL US, WRITE TO US – WE DESIGN.

Nasze kampanie

Zobacz wybrane przykłady prowadzonych przez nas kampanii. Jeśli chcesz dowiedzieć się więcej i poznać nasze referencje umów się z nami na spotkanie.

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