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Wyższa Szkoła Logistyki

rebranding of an educational brand


The school authorities wanted to maintain the current number of students and acquire new ones in the future. Therefore, it was important to create a new, exceptional, and comprehensive corporate identity system of the school which offers practical knowledge and skills.


Logotype lifting

The new logotype was presented in the form of a typographic stylization functioning as a separate graphic element. Thanks to such an enlargement such messages as the prestige and significance of the school are strongly communicated.

Development of a new logo

A triangle taken from the School’s signet constitutes a permanent, characteristic layout element.

The signet triangle serves as the basis for graphic symbols – sub-brand logotypes.
The signet alone (without a typographic logotype form) may be used for symbolic identification of the school’s materials – for example as a “seal” on commemorative cards.

Corporate Book

We created the Corporate Book defining clear rules for the corporate identity of the brand.


KV Design

The main theme of the corporate communication is a road. A road is understood as a symbol of pursuing goals, going to a desirable place, and at the same time, directly associated with transport, logistics, searching for an optimal route and covering a distance.


Design of usable and promotional materials

A characteristic feature of usable and promotional materials is a fixed layout of a logotype and necessary data. Thanks to that we created an effect of coherence and transparency of all materials.

linia wizualizacja
linia wizualizacja


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