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Wyższa szkoła logistyki

University brand lifting


The powers that be of the Higher School of Logistics wished to retain the student numbers and acquire new students in the future. We were thus invited to cooperation in development of new identity and strategy for the university brand and during a comprehensive visual identification project. During our work on the brand, we have performed qualitative studies among target groups of the School – potential, current students and graduates. The cooperation with the marketing team of the client resulted in creation of a unique image, not only on the domestic scale. This project was awarded during the prestigious Rebrand Global Award 100.

Logotype lifting

We could not change the sign during our work on the brand concept. We thus performed only small work, “ordering” the sign legibility. The triangle comprising the basis of the WSL signet was used as a KeyVisual element.

KV project

Characteristic visual motiffs

The signet triangle was used to create graphical symbols – sub-brand logotypes, iconography elements, background graphics. According to our idea, the signet itself (without the typographic form of the logotype) may be used e.g. as a “stamp” on a celebratory card.


In the photo layer, we wished to present various means of transportation and to related them together in a simple way. A way understood as a symbol of reaching the destination, going to the desired location, at the same time associated with transport, logistics, looking for the optimal route and traversing distances. The message sent to the students using these symbols is a “straight way to your career”.

Utility material designs

We have designed both ephemeras (business card, letter paper, envelopes, celebratory materials, student files, folders, etc.) and promotional materials (student folder, promo billboards, press advertisements). The main brand message is “The first logistics university in Poland” – to be thought of not only as the historically first higher education school, but also providing top quality teaching.

Unusual blanking dice

We look for “flavours” rendering each and every project unique. For WSL, we created unusual blanking dice used to produce materials such as folders, business cards or invitation covers. Each one of them included unusual “cutouts”.

The website

In our website design, we mainly aimed at clarity of information for various target groups (students, faculty staff, high school students) and showing the prestige of the school (many of its graduates reached high positions in the logistics sector). In terms of UX, we based on the best international solutions, analysing brands such as MIT, Oxford or ale.

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