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Housing investment branding


During the 4 years of strategic and creative support, our task was to develop a visually unique communication, distinguishing the brand among the competitors – both in terms of the brand itself, as well as of individual investments.

Brand Guide

Agrobex needed cohesive communication (a Poznań resident looking at materials for any of the investments should be aware it is run by Agrobex), as well as promotion of unique features of individual brands of the investment. Designing the BrandGuide, we had other design studios and agencies in mind. We aimed to create a document facilitating the work of others as much as possible, while ensuring optimal benefits for Agrobex.


An information folder and a website are the key materials during sales of a new investment. We started preparing the materials with a concept, adapting the presentation method and information hierarchy to the groups of target investments, underlining features and advantages of locations important for their representatives. We created the websites on the basis of a single, repeating information scheme, retaining separate visual styles.

Press advertisements

Press advertisements, just like outdoor media, attracted attention thanks to their unusual visual form, redirecting the interested readers to a website or inviting to direct contact by phone.


Leaflets, distributed during housing fairs and investment open doors acted as an information and visual medium, indicating unique benefits – such as a year of squash subscription in the price of an apartment.


Roll-ups acted as an image, communicating the brand history and additional activities, such as supporting young Polish squash players. They were presented during fairs, investment open doors and at sports and leisure centres.

City Lights

Outdoor advertising was used mainly to communicate special offers – particularly distinguishing the given investment. Special offers included attractive financing offers, prices offers, additional benefits related to apartment purchases, as well as seasonal communication – e.g. addressed to students.


By designing large format outdoor media, we wanted to draw attention of the recipient with a contradictory slogan or an unusual image. These creations prepared using sense of humour made sure the offer of Agrobex was clearly distinguished among its competitors.

Facebook support

The brand communication was strongly supported by actions in modern media, where Agrobex gained the status of the biggest social media profile among Poznań developers, attracting nearly 19,000 users.

Online banners

Banner campaigns – static and animated – context displayed – on property sale websites, investment and local websites and in selected target groups.

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