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Novia Blanca

Brand lifting - wedding jewellery


To provide a wedding jewellery brand with unique, feminine style. In their segment, the owners of the Novia Blanca brand achieved the status of a leader in Poland, both in terms of product quality and customer service. We have performed a virtually full brand lifting process, with the exception of the name.


Logotype lifting

We have performed the logotype lifting and created a logo-based signed, combining its decorative nature with a branding function. The new brand colour coding was also specified at this stage – including delicate, moderate colours. We have designed a decorative pattern – referring to the lacy, wedding style, which we adapted in subsequent materials as the characteristic KV element.

Utility materials

We have developed a complete set of information materials for the brand, based on inspirations from all over the world, experience with fashion and jewellery from the customers. We have designed i.e. jewellery boxes, bags, materials for authorised points of sale, as well as an image-product folder.


We operated using the Presta Shop platform when designing the graphical project for the e-store (the clients have already used this platform in their sales). Our work included preparation of a functional model (namely, a clickable e-store prototype in Axure) and preparation of a graphical design containing full views of all characteristic sub-pages (ca. 30 in total).

Social Media

We have developed post category templates and a coverphoto allowing simple creation of visually attractive content every day.


Newsletter is one of important elements of communication with the customer for Novia Blanca. We have thus developed a template, providing a basis for creation of individual issues. Of course, the template had a visual style matching the visual identification of the brand.

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Poznań: Grunwaldzka 52

ul. Franciszka Klimczaka 1
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