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Medical brand rebranding

Task scope

The main objective of our work was to inform about the permanent merger of Stolter with the Stiegelmeyer Group. The new brand is one of the oldest European manufacturer of medical furniture and hospital beds. Because of the change of market situation, the company decided to re-brand the brand in Poland.

Analysis and strategy

Together with the client, we have organised a cycle of workshops and studies (both among the clients and the staff). We thus obtained reliable information about what message and which elements of brand communication should be retained and which ones can be easily changed.

Creative change

On the basis of information obtained from the analysis, we created a distinguishing brand identity and a signal set (logotype, colour palette and the KeyVisual of the brand). We have also created a visual identification set and a set of information materials.


By designing the KeyVisual (or a set of graphic signs unique for the brand), we directly referred to the brand style in Germany. We used the set of cold colours underlining brand prestige and reliability. The visually reserved elements were warmed up using photographs and recommendations of patients using medical furniture of our manufacturer.



We have designed infographics as elements depicting the growth of Stiegelmeyer group over the years. We used the infographics to show the advantages, simplified the message and ordered the large amount of information.


We created a very short, suggestive video depicting the name change and underlining the strength of Stiegelmeyer Group.

The results

The transparent action informing the sector and the customers about changes to Stolter structure and its merger with the Stiegelmeyer Group. Work on the project was concluded with implementation of a cohesive, uniform visual identification system of the combined businesses.

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